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Her plan is to specialize in smaller pressings than the typical vinyl plant, allowing Gold Rush the ability to deliver its product in just four to six weeks. After greeting me in the lobby of the 8,square-foot complex, Kelleher leads me into a room furnished with a sofa and armchairs, a cabinet full of records—presumably awaiting their time on the nearby turntable—and, leaning against the back wall, four huge block letters that spell out GOLD.

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This helps keep turnaround times down, since artists can quickly provide feedback. Green markings on the floor indicate where four additional pressing machines can be housed. Kelleher walks me over to a table on which sit the raw ingredients for making a vinyl record. Gold Rush outsources the initial steps of the process. First, audio files are cut into a lacquer master, an acetate-coated, inch aluminum disc with grooves that store the audio.

Kelleher holds up a stamper, which looks like a shiny silver record gleaming under the bright fluorescent lights of the factory. This is the mold that gets sent to Gold Rush to press the records. Kelleher points to an array of jars containing a rainbow of plastic pellets.

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Bands request all kinds of bright colors or swirls on their records, but many still opt for classic black. At The Sound Gallery, we spend hours talking with our customers about stereo gear and music. Record stores and video stores have always been the universities of pop culture.

LaRue believes national retailers actually strengthen the vinyl community. Amazon and others make it relatively simple and inexpensive to buy a turntable and a handful of records, thus initiating a love for vinyl that can be fostered in local record stores.

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Not every Austin record store has thrived along with the vinyl resurgence. Encore Records closed at the end of before reopening at a new location on East Sixth Street 11 months later. MusicMania struggled to compete with digital sales, closing for good on Halloween Trailer Space Records followed suit exactly two years later, a victim of the expansion plans of neighboring East Side Pies. Shows typically start weekdays at 5pm and conclude with artist signings, during which the store remains open for business.

During SXSW and on special occasions, the shop fences off its parking lot for a full-fledged show on an outdoor stage.

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The shop also recently expanded with a back room for music gear and stereos. Late, great Austin club impresario Clifford Antone opened this tie-in to his world-famous blues sanctuary in , a dozen years after the live music staple debuted on Sixth Street.

The club found a new lease on life on nearby E. Fifth in This vinyl-only shop specializes in soul. If you've got a few hours to dig, you can come away with something rare or get turned on to something new.

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  8. There's also a healthy dose of punk, psych, and blues, all at realistic prices.