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But they allow a free flow of text messages that are typed out on tiny built-in keyboards.

Several models, notably the RIM BlackBerry pager, send and receive standard e-mail, and others include scheduling and different features. The most popular family radio models cover only a neighborhood, are subject to interference and are impossible to use unobtrusively. Calling cards can be a dream or a disaster for parents. The standard calling card is linked to a home phone account and allows the user to make long-distance calls while away from home and to charge the expense to their phone bill.

If used right, they can be a handy thing for kids away at college. Prepaid calling cards also have their place.

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Although they have similar fine-print drawbacks, they provide a great backup for kids on the go. They are for sale just about everywhere, from drugstores to the Internet, and they can be purchased in just about any increment. Minutes get deducted with each use. Services such as Net2Phone offer very cheap calling and are terrific for kids going to college far away, especially overseas. Some services require the purchase of software or devices to use with a personal computer, but others can be used phone-to-phone.

The services are cheaper because they send conversations over Internet-style networks instead of standard phone systems. Most long-distance companies now sell numbers to individuals so kids or other people can call for free.

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Parents can restrict the use with a special code. The bill can be steep, with per-minute prices of 35 cents or so. Even so, it can be a cheaper option than calling cards. Nominal activation fee.

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Pros: Small and light for easy toting. Lets parents send basic messages. Cheap to replace if lost or broken. Or purchase prepaid service at varying prices. Note: Parents should program important phone numbers for one-touch dialing, so kids can dial M for Mom or D for Dad, etc. Solution: Dual-mode cell phone, with instant and text messaging, plus regional or national service plan.

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Prepaid plans can reduce costs or shift responsibility to the teen user. Note: Teens will want text messaging, along with games, changeable phone covers and special ring tones. Solution: Dual-mode cell phone with instant and text messaging, Web access, free nationwide long-distance. To get the best coverage, make sure the phone is dual-mode, working on both traditional analog and newer digital networks.

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For constantly moving college students, mobile phones have become an important way to keep in touch with friends and family. Please contact Customer Service toll-free, at A: After you have submitted your order, it is complete. You will need to submit another order. A: Walgreens reserves the right to set quantity-per-order limits on any and all items sold on Walgreens. Our current quantity limit for most Walgreens.

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This limit is to prevent excessively large orders that could deplete our inventory and inconvenience other customers wanting to order the same item. Walgreens may also limit the item quantity available to any single person or household over a given period of time. These restrictions may be applied to orders using the same credit card, billing address, or shipping address.

A: Sorry, no. We process prescriptions, contact lenses and product orders separately. You will receive separate shipments for each type of order and separate shipping charges will apply.

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A: We make every effort to complete your order as requested. If a product you requested is not available at the time of processing, we will not create a backorder. We re-stock our inventory regularly, so please check Walgreens. A Pre-Order button appears next to the products that qualify. Select Pre-Order and the item will be placed in your shopping cart. Your credit card will not be charged until we ship the item to you.

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To pre-order multiple items, please place a separate order for each one. They will be shipped separately. The estimated release date when the product will be available for sale is listed below the Pre-Order button on the product page. Pre-orders cannot be added to a regular online order due to the future release date of the pre-order product.

As soon as your pre-order ships, we will send an email to let you know it's on its way. Each pre-order will ship separately. Standard shipping charges apply to pre-orders. See Shipping for details. A: Go to the product details page. The estimated release date is located above the Pre-Order Now button. If you are not completely satisfied, return the unused portion and we will refund the full price. Select your prescription ordering method under the Manage Your Prescriptions header in the left column. NOTE: If you have already completed your full online pharmacy registration, you will be prompted to sign in.

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