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Services Provided The Office of the Town Clerk is responsible for providing legislative administration and official record keeping services.

Advisory board and committee applications, certain permits, and notary services are also available in this office. To determine if an ordinance is still law, you must check the Town Code.


Public Records The Town of Palm Beach is highly committed to transparency and efficiency in fulfilling public records requests. To this end, you can access many Town records online. What to Expect A person accused of committing a felony crime may receive a notice to appear in court or may be arrested at the time of the crime, or later pursuant to a warrant.

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The State has 30 days from the arrest or issuance of a notice to appear to file formal charges. If the client enters a not guilty plea, a future court date will be set.

Before and during the next court date, the assigned attorney will receive discovery and review it with the client. The attorney will also discuss possible plea resolutions with the client and the prosecutor. Depending on the circumstances, the State may offer pre-trial intervention PTI , which, if successfully completed can result in the State dropping the charges.

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The client should talk to his or her attorney before accepting any plea. See the links below or contact us for fees charged by the Department of Health.

Birth certificates are available for persons born in the state of Florida for the years through the present. If you were born before you must apply through the State Office of Vital Statistics.

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The Office of Vital Statistics in Palm Beach County can now assist in obtaining death certificates for any person who died in the State of Florida from to the present. Marriage certificates can only be issued for marriages occurring in Florida, from June 6, to the present.

Marriage certificates prior to June 6, are obtainable from the Clerk of Court in the County where the marriage license was issued.