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About Assessor and Property Tax Records Every state has an office that handles the assessment of properties. Search Fannie Mae properties for sale. Search by state, county, city, zip code, price, features or mls number. A title examiner shall maintain a complete file of all assurance deed application research reports and supporting evidence for each assurance deed research assignment in accordance with this section, and shall maintain such files for at least 20 years from the date the assurance deed records.

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The minimum record retention required by this section shall include the following:. A licensed land surveyor shall certify compliance with administrative rules, and:. An assurance deed shall convey legal ownership to an individual trust managed by a trustee acting in a fiduciary capacity as defined in RSA B, the trust permanently identified by the corresponding registered asset identifier associated with the land area claimed by the assurance deed, that association assigned to the property by a licensed land surveyor.

The petitioner shall give notice of filing of the application for establishing a marketable record title and the intent to convey by assurance deed real estate to a special purpose trust as legal owner. Publication in fact that an assurance deed application is on file to provide information validating the determination of a qualifying marketable record title and the means to assert counterclaims.

A person has notice in fact of an assurance deed application if the person has actual knowledge of it; the person has received a notice of it; or from all the facts and circumstances known to the person at the time in question that person has reason to know it exists.

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Reasonable compliance does not require an individual acting for the person to communicate information unless the communication is part of the individual's regular duties or the individual has reason to know of the transaction and that the transaction would be materially affected by the information. Assurance deed application notice shall contain the following specified information:. Notice begins upon assurance deed application recording to the registry of deeds in the county or counties where the property is situated.

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  • Notice shall provide instructions on how to assert or reassert title claims to rights or interests in the specified property. Persons with title transactions of record shall be given notice directly or by publication as follows:. Such notice shall establish a time frame for reassertion of a dormant claim and instructions on how to correct information or reassert missing claims. For publication of notice in a newspaper:. Notice of intent to create an assurance deed shall be published once a week for 3 successive weeks in a newspaper of general circulation within the municipality or county in which the property is situated.

    If the property is situated in more than one county, publication shall be in a newspaper of statewide circulation.

    Statutory form of notice in substance shall follow the form below and shall, when duly executed and delivered, satisfy this section upon publication forever against the lawful claims and demands of all persons:. Form for assurance deed notice. Public Notice Is Hereby Given. Any interested person or their attorney should examine the land area boundaries and record chain of title presented in the application to determine if encroachments, covenants, vested rights, interests, covenants, or claims encumbering this land title are present and accurate.

    Any omission or necessity to reassert an abandoned right, interest, covenant or claim associated with this assurance deed application must be postmarked within 30 days of this notice giving the petitioner notice by certified mail.

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    Notice of omission shall include evidence of claim and any abandoned claim reassertion shall refer to the original record location. Such evidence shall be produced within 60 days of this notice. Marketable record title means:. A person who has an unbroken record chain of title to real estate for 40 years or more has a marketable record title to the real estate, subject only to the matters stated in RSA A person has an unbroken chain of title if the official public records disclose a conveyance, or other title transaction, of record not less than 40 years before the time marketability is determined, and the conveyance or other title transaction, whether or not it was a nullity, purports to create the interest in or contains language sufficient to transfer the interest to:.

    If anything appears of record, in either case described in subparagraph II b , purporting to divest the claimant of the purported interest, the chain of title is broken. The marketable record title is subject to:. All interests and defects that are apparent in the source of title or inherent in the other muniments of which the chain of record title is formed, but a general reference in a muniment to an easement, restriction, encumbrance, or other interest created before the effective date of the source of title is not sufficient to preserve it unless a reference by record location is made in the muniment to a recorded title transaction that created the easement, restriction, encumbrance, or other interest;.

    All interests preserved by the recording of proper notice of intent to preserve an interest;. All interests arising out of title transactions recorded after the effective date of the source of title, and which have not been previously extinguished; and. All interests preserved under RSA In this section, "person dealing with the real estate" includes a purchaser of real estate, the taker of a security interest, a levying or attaching creditor, a real estate contract vendee, or another person seeking to acquire an estate or interest therein or impose a lien thereon.

    Subject to RSA , a marketable record title is held by its owner and is taken by a person dealing with the real estate free and clear of all interests, claims, and charges, the existence of which depends upon an act, transaction, event, or omission that occurred before the effective date of the source of title. All interests, claims, or charges, however denominated, whether legal or equitable, present or future, whether the interests, claims, or charges are asserted by a person who is or is not under a disability, whether the person is within or without the state, whether the person is an individual or an organization, or is private or governmental, are null and void.

    Recording an interest after the effective date of the source of title does not revive an interest previously extinguished. A person claiming an interest in real estate may preserve and keep the interest, if any, effective by recording during the year period immediately following the effective date of the source of title of the person who would otherwise obtain marketable record title, a notice of intent to preserve the interest. Disability or lack of knowledge of any kind on the part of anyone does not suspend the running of the year period. The notice may be recorded by the claimant or by another person acting on behalf of a claimant who is:.

    The notice shall:. A notice recorded to preserve a utility easement claimed in the real estate of another shall include a site plan incorporating the claim.

    An assurance deed does not bar:. A restriction, the existence of which is clearly observable by physical evidence of its use;.


    A use or occupancy inconsistent with the marketable record title, to the extent that the use or occupancy would have been revealed by reasonable inspection or inquiry;. Rights of a person in whose name the real estate or an interest therein was carried on the real property tax rolls within 3 years before marketability is to be determined, if the relevant tax rolls are accessible to the public when marketability is to be determined;. A claim of the United States not subjected by federal law to the recording requirements of this state and which has not terminated under federal law; and.