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But no such honor will come to D. Griffith, who brilliantly synthesized the language of film and made the most widely seen movie in all of silent film, The Birth of a Nation. And yet the movie must be seen, both as a model of early-film storytelling and a warning against the poisonous power of bigotry on film. The Kino DVD, with a restoration newly mastered in high definition, is the place to begin study of this magnificent, monstrous monolith. In its bold editing and composition of shots, in its alternation of intimate scenes with spectacular battles and a final thrilling chase, the three-hour film established a cinematic textbook, a fully formed visual language, for generations of directors.

The son of a Colonel in the Army of the Confederacy, Griffith grew up hearing tales of noble Southerners fighting for their independence and for the perpetuation of black slavery. Based on a novel by the Rev. Thomas Dixon, Jr. This was not simply a racist film; it was one whose brilliant storytelling technique lent plausibility and poignancy to the notion of blacks as stupid, venal and brutal.

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Viewers could believe that what they saw was true historically and emotionally. Birth not only taught moviegoers how to react to film narrative but what to think about blacks — and, in the climactic ride of hooded horsemen to avenge their honor, what to do to them. The movie stoked black riots in Northern cities, and by stirring bitter memories in the white South, it helped revive the dormant Ku Klux Klan, which for the next few decades went on a righteous spree of lynching black men.

And in the opposition it provoked, the movie indirectly led to the birth of an independent African American cinema. Stung by attacks on his film, Griffith made the four-part historical drama Intolerance , with its plea for universal brotherhood not specifically including Americans of color , and, a few years later, Broken Blossoms , an early interracial love story but involving a man who was Chinese, not black.

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The saddest thing is, except for a couple Mr. Brown lines, none of the jokes hold up 12 years later, which robs me of getting any enjoyable nostalgia. Characters — Good lord, they are awful. They are all acted over exaggerated in the most annoying way. Vicky is unbearable.

The flaws in these characters keep me from empathizing with their issues, which makes watching them that much more of a dreadful experience.

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This guy was clearly only hired because he can sing. Not a lick of that was acting.

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It was acting sensitive, yelling, short jokes, and oh yeah he can really sing. And I hate that. She acts like a little girl most of the time, even when talking about her own personal love issues to the reverend.

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Her story arc is never solved either. I actually think they did all right.

I dislike their story: especially when Jackie goes so quickly from being faithful to Kevin in tough times to blowing things out of proportion when Tina lies about Kevin trying to make a pass at her. How quickly and how much Jackie believes this is not compatible with the amount of faith she exerted before — normally, someone would at least ask questions first, even if they thought there was room for disbelief.

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He was strictly hired as eye candy. He comes in, stands there, flexes his muscles, and leaves without a word. Characters would go downstage left or right and be about as well-lit as the pit.

Bad setup. Now you found it. Not that we were told. Worst of all, the messages the point of why Tyler does what he does are blocked by everything wrong with the show. So much better. This play is a definite skip. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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