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1969 Plymouth Road Runner For Sale

February 15, at pm. We've been enjoying the Super Bird as a bit of a Cafe Racer lately and were looking forward to exercising it while taking these photos. Prime the carb by puttin' the lead foot down a couple of times, turn the key, and the mighty Mopar instantly comes alive, rumbling like a race horse that's anticipating the gate to spring open. Put' er in drive, step on the loud pedal, and you'll find yourself in a cloud of smoke. I swear. I didn't do it on purpose! There is so much torque available just slightly above idle rpm that gentle caressing of the gas pedal will save a lot of tire tread in the long run.

Once rolling, the danger of burning rubber slightly decreases, but never totally disappears. This ain't no Slant 6, and no either, and you'll be reminded of it every time you accelerate. Holy smokes, does this thing scoot! Road handling, thanks to special springs, is remarkable, steering precise. The brakes anchor the flyin' bird with authority, and all together it's a wonderful experience to pilot such a legendary car on public roads. Even more impressive is the impact the Superbird has on other motorists and bystanders alike.

It makes a Ferrari disappear -- for one, because it's so big -- and secondly, because it's so mesmerizing. We've received more thumbs up driving this car than any other, and were in constant conversation every time we parked the car in public. On the freeway, other drivers constantly seemed to want to show us their cell phones. Rarely, if ever, arises the opportunity to acquire one of these legendary beasts outside of a major classic car auction. A wonderfully original car that has been used and enjoyed, this Big White Bird is ready for its next caretaker, who'll hopefully continue to drive it so that at least some of the young ones will be able to see what amazing cars this great country built, long before Al Gore invented the Internet.

Addendum: We sold this fabulous Superbird in Spring of to an enthusiast in Florida. Back to Californiaclassix' Hall of Fame or Home. All Rights Reserved. E-mail inquiries to the Webmaster. Click on the above image for an XXL-sized view a separate browser window will open Creating a vehicle so outrageous was a big stretch back then and wouldn't even be remotely possible in today's corporate culture. Click on the above image for an XXL-sized view a separate browser window will open Few people can truthfully claim that they have seen a winged warrior in traffic, not only due to the limited production numbers and normal attrition, but the fact that those cars have become such blue chip collectibles that most of them unfortunately have been stashed away in prominent collections, only seeing the light of the day when headed to a car show, on a trailer.

Click on the above image for an XXL-sized view a separate browser window will open This Superbird is loaded with power steering and power brakes. Click on the above image for an XXL-sized view a separate browser window will open Most importantly, this engine is the original one installed at the factory, as evidenced by the VIN stamped into the block on a pad above the right side oil pan rail. Click on the above image for an XXL-sized view a separate browser window will open Superbird's coachwork has remained remarkably straight and rust free. Click on the above image for an XXL-sized view a separate browser window will open Big Bird's unique stance is evident in this side shot.

Click on the above image for an XXL-sized view a separate browser window will open Turning our attention to the car's cockpit, we are amazed by its originality, which speaks volumes about the love Big Bird has received during the past 45 years. The tag is identical in size and thickness. An inspection of the VIN number will be required on all homemade trailers and all and newer model year manufactured trailers with a less-than 17 digit VIN, as a pre-requisite to registering the trailer. Decode the VIN. Engraved tags provide a long-lasting method for tracking tools, parts, and equipment.

Quite often the question might be about how to determine if the V. Harbor Freight buys their top quality tools from the same factories that supply our competitors. In most states the simple act of manufacturing an incomplete vin identification plate is a criminal violation and a Federal violation always unless you are an original manufacturer of motor vehicles.

Mopar B-Body Identity Documents – Restoration Project

VIN information is organized in groups, and a search of your vehicle identification number can tell you a lot about your car. On some units, the serial number is the VIN number. An online license plate lookup lets the motor vehicles offices provide you with the driving and vehicle history you are searching for without the need to stand in long lines at your local motor vehicle office. The VIN number is a 17 digit code that will allow you to verify every detail of the vehicle in question.

A numbers matching Plymouth Superbird, SOLD by!

Pretty much every part has an identifying number cast or stamped sometimes both into it. Blank brass tags, name plates, and name badges. Once notified of a missing or damaged VIN plate, a dealer can contact the automobile manufacturer or the state motor vehicle agency for instructions.

Plates and tags can be custom-made from metal or flexible materials of any size. Where it was built. Vin and tag number on car? Every vehicle that was manufactured in the United States has a VIN number stamped on it in multiple places on the vehicle. The first three characters uniquely identify the manufacturer of the vehicle using the World Manufacturer Identifier or WMI code. Some have one there. Backeast, Our work is on numerous national prize winners and magazine feature cars: The entire Fomoco family, including trucks, from to ; G.

When I look at all the Serial Number guides for Willys it says that the production numbers for were thru VIN Plate Replacement. Tag your VIN!