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The reverse phone lookup also identifies portable VOIP and prepaid phone numbers for fraud prevention practices.

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Please complete the form and we'll email your access key so you can start testing our services. Already Registered? Sign in now. Please select from our sample US or Canadian phone numbers to see service results. See below for the full response from our GeoPhone Plus service. Our services are built API-first with a focus on data quality and ease of integration. Our API web services are compatible with all major programming languages and we have over pieces of sample code both snippets and full solutions available to help with your integration.

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Address Detective Address Detective - International. Address Insight - US.

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Email Validation. Order Validation. BIN Validation. IP Address Validation. GeoPhone GeoPhone Plus. Phone Append.

Phone Exchange Phone Exchange - International. Lead Validation Lead Validation - International. Lead Enhancement Lead Enhancement Plus. If the person has an outgoing message like "Hi this is Joe Sixpack, I can't take your call right now Finding the location of a mobile number's owner is more difficult, due to number portability and other factors. Fast People Search is a service I use when other people search tools come up empty or ask for money.

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It can do lookups by name, phone, or adddress. The site says it includes "landline, cell phone, business and residential phone numbers, as well as information for addresses and people all across the U. Google Reverse Image Search and Tineye use search-engine and image recognition technologies to locate online images similar to the one you provide.

Both can sometimes find web pages that bear the image of a person you are seeking. It's an imperfect technology, but the service is free. Reverse cell phone number searches are offered by many sites, but in my experience, they are either unreliable or require a lookup fee. Typically, a site will search for a phone number and tell you if it found a matching name. Reverse email searches work much like reverse phone number searches.

But again, always try Googling the number or address first. Is it worth paying the fee? That's a gamble.

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I looked up a street address at which I have not lived for over 20 years at Spokeo. Access to Email Finder does not guarantee you will find all details about an address.

Read all of the fine print to see if there is a money-back guarantee should your search prove unfruitful. You may have to give up your own personal information, too. This is one way such directories strive to expand and keep their records up to date. Of course, you don't have to give accurate information; but neither does the person you're seeking!

Posted by: hifi 17 Sep Very useful article today. I checked out various places I used to live at and found plenty of information.

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Posted by: NB 17 Sep Bob, You asked about a tool to provide all the names and addresses on a street. Try your county property tax appraisal district. In Dallas County that search reports every address on the street, the owner name, type of property residential or commercial and appraised value. Thankfully it does not report email addresses or phone numbers! Posted by: Scott 17 Sep Hi Bob, thanks for sharing your people finder info. Here is an additional one that I have found helpful.

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Posted by: Dennis English 17 Sep I subscribe to "Beenverified. I maintain several organization lists and it's been very helpful in keeping in contact with people. Posted by: Warren 17 Sep This site, when given the area code and exchange can give the probable location when a land line of the caller Area Codes.

Posted by: Bob K 17 Sep Posted by: The Baroness 18 Sep Hi Bob! You can also remove your information from pages such as those mentioned above if you so desire. In a week or so, your information is removed from the site! This comes in very handy when long-lost relatives wanting to borrow money are looking for you!

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