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Locate and Order court records in the Federal Records Centers. To identify and locate court records held by the National Archives, consult the National Archives Catalog. For convenience of access, most of our holdings from the federal court system are stored at National Archives locations around the country.

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For instance, records of the New Hampshire federal courts are currently located at the National Archives at Boston in Waltham, Massachusetts. An exception to the national distribution of court records is when certain holdings that are infrequently used may be centrally stored at a National Archives facility in Kansas for efficiency.

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In those instances copies may be ordered, or may be consulted at the National Archives at Kansas City by special arrangement. Why would I need to look up court records? In some cases, particularly family law cases, it is important to know:. Sometimes you might think you are divorced but you are not sure.

You may want to check to see if a divorce has been filed and has gone to judgment out of state. Different states publish different records online.

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Most states provide civil case records and family law cases. Civil cases -- Civil cases are cases in which one person sues another, often for money. They include:. Some states put criminal records online Information on criminal records and driving violations might be useful if you are fighting a supervised visitation or custody case - especially if there were a lot of serious traffic violations and a lot of warrants issued because the person failed to show up for court.

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Not everyone can see all records that are published online Some websites only let the parties, that is, the people named in the case who have a case number, see the records. Some websites only let lawyers who are members of the state bar association see records.

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Other websites are totally public. How do I find the records I need? Many states have one database for all records.

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Some states only have their records online by county. Massachusetts Justice Project has put together a list of websites which are a good place to begin your search. We cannot provide a complete list of all the resources you can find online.

If you are looking for a specific state or county that is not on our list, try searching in Google or another search engine for "[state where you are looking] court records" or "[county, state where you are looking] court records. Most courts have Supreme Court records online.

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We do not include links to Supreme Court records. State Supreme Courts generally do not provide the kind of information which would be useful. If you don't find what you're looking for there, most of the individual counties also have their own system of searchable records.

I've included the links to the records search for some of the bigger counties here:.