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They hired some pretty unprofessional people, it's an embarrassment to the company. If only the clients knew someone from Best Buy with two weeks training was in charge of your travel!

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You won't be over burdened with extra responsibilities the others can't handle, Think Phase IV, don't let anyone know you can do them - you'll be doing them for everyone all day long! Horrible co workers not properly vetted to be agents, Long hours, little reward. No bonuses, no recognition.

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Great job culture and certification as a travel counselor with approved accredited college units, so technically I am a certified travel counselor. The company is a leader in travel management and is dedicated to keeping its clients free from stress while handling travel arrangements. Management is more there to support, but you are self managed and free to make sound acumen. Very professional in all aspects, especially training. The pay is very good with excellent job security.

I sincerely appreciate Carlson's employment leveraging and support. Centrally located in Phoenix, always food by cooperative sales channels visiting the premises, ability to move out of state and work from home on contract. Carlson Wagonlit Travels is a great organisation to work with if you want easy money and want to earn quickly, As compared to other firms increment here happens every months so their is a scope of early salary increase, also other employee benefits are available if you work hard and perform your task in the assigned time.

Especially if you are a fresher working with Carlson is the best option for you. Their is only one challenge which i faced while working for Carlson which was office environment and work ethics followed by the staff. People are very casual about their work and our bias with people of their community ,the top level management does favoritism on extremes and mostly credits for all the work are given to them also people converse in their native language not known by everyone which makes it practically impossible to understand the process mostly.

Overall its a good travel agency for people with travel backgrounds. They get good exposure and are trained well on global distribution systems. Try and be in the good books of the Ceo and upper level management. Early increment and perks, weekends off, preferable shifts, holidays when you require, emergency offs, exposure, gds trainings and easy learning of all process. Workplace culture, favoritism, religious backwardness, language barriers, food is contaminated, less variety in canteen. Good company to work. I have mark rating low as per my experience and my expectations which probably not met on that point of time.

It's a growing and second largest company in travel bussiness.

Over the top Micro management. CWT wants top notch service but is not willing to pay for it. Management and policies constantly changing with additional work requirements with no additional compensation. Micro management was over the top. Could not voice complaints or question policies without retaliation. Last policy I had an issue with was could not place a client on hold at all, not to take a sip of water or cough, had to mute client. Not realistic about how work could be performed. Carlson Travel was a good place to work. I booked alot of corporate travel on multiple accounts.

I learned a great deal about myself. I can adapt to many situations. Great opportunity for fair pay and fast paced environment. You will not be bored at work when you work for Carlson WagonLit. From day 1 you will receive benefits. It was a great place to work at and i learned a lot of new things. The management, the Instructors, supervisors and the team was amazing- and from all parts of the world. I would love to go back to CWT one day and work this time with recruiting and as a Coach to motivate the employees as that is my forte.

I could work full time or part time. But going back in the capacity would be awesome. Fun work place. Check my daily emails, call center environment, Management was okay. Workplace culture was okay. Management was okay. The hardest part of the job was the level of stress. The most enjoyable was the fam trips and the fast pace environment.


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Travel Councelor. CWT is an exceptional company to work for as the management and team are some of the best. I am only seeking opportunities due to the fact that the account that CWT was managing is not being renewed. The only draw back is the compensation is average based on some industry inforamtion. Worked in-house at the Inter-American Development Bank. My co-workers were from different cultures so I enjoyed the diversity that existed there.

Management was very professional and was sorry to leave. Carlson Wagonlit was a fine place to work. I was very impressed with their simple but highly effective software. Review this company. Claimed Profile Review this company. Want to know more about working here? Ask a Question. Overall rating 3. Ratings from women 2.

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While, as a general rule, a district court may not consider any material beyond the pleadings in ruling on a Rule 12 c motion, a "court may consider facts that are contained in materials of which the court may take judicial notice. Ford Motor Co. A court may also consider documents attached to the complaint or "documents whose contents are alleged in a complaint and whose authenticity no party questions, but which are not physically attached to the [plaintiff's] pleading.

Securities Litigation, F. By filing an original complaint as a party plaintiff against Carlson, Maritz has essentially initiated a new claim against Carlson more than two years after the events at issue transpired. Therefore, the claim for tortious interference with contract is barred by the applicable statute of limitations.

See Cal. Code Civ. Under California law, the two-year statute of limitations begins to run no later than the date of the breach or termination of the underlying contract. See Forcier v. Microsoft Corp. Digardi, 43 Cal. Therefore, the claim is barred by the applicable statute of limitations. In opposition to this claim, Maritz contends that the new claim against Carlson "relates back" to the original complaint between Visa and Maritz and therefore falls within the two year statute of limitations.

The Court finds this argument unpersuasive. The complaint is not an amended counterclaim as it was never before asserted against Carlson and there is no antecedent, original complaint to relate back to. See McAuley v. United States, F.

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