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Write down your police report number, so you can obtain a copy of the report later. The report will show if one of the drivers received a traffic citation for a rule violation, such as texting and driving. Getting a police report can provide strong evidence against the other driver.

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Before the company can conduct its investigation, it must know about the crash. Waiting too long to report the incident could give the insurer the right to deny your claim — even if someone else was at fault. Do this by collecting data, information, and evidence about your crash right from the beginning. While still at the scene of the accident, take photographs and get the names and contact information of other drivers and eyewitnesses.

Write down your perceptions of the crash while the crash is still fresh in your mind.

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The more information you gather, the stronger your case against the at-fault driver will be. One of the perks of retaining our Charleston, West Virginia car accident attorneys to represent your auto accident case is access to experts to act as your key witnesses. Medical experts and other subject-matter experts can give their professional opinions and statements about who or what caused your accident. A vehicle damage expert, for example, might be able to show a judge or jury the direction from which the other drive struck your vehicle, the speed, whether or not the driver braked, etc.

Hiring the right people to testify on your behalf can make all the difference in the outcome of your claim. Take the burden of proof off your shoulders by hiring an experienced Charleston, West Virginia car accident attorney. Let us help you and your family during this tough time.

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The cost of hiring a car accident lawyer can discourage many crash victims from getting the help and representation they need. Unfortunately, this leads to insurance companies taking advantage of accident victims and offering much less than cases are worth. Most injury lawyers — ours included — take personal injury clients on a contingency fee basis.

This means clients only pay if the lawyer wins the case and will never pay for your Charleston, West Virginia car accident lawyer out of pocket. If you regularly drive in West Virginia, keep these car accident statistics in mind. Data on state car crashes help personal injury attorneys prove certain facts in a case.

Statistics may also help you reduce your risk of injury on the roadways. With little current information on injuries, contributing factors, and geographical concentrations, drivers must look to the news and state resources to improve road safety on an ongoing basis. In West Virginia and across the country, injuries and fatalities often connect back to the same set of contributing factors. Speeding, texting and driving , or drunk driving increases the risk for reckless driving behaviors and the possibility for accidents.

Other causes include:. In addition to these driver error-related causes, drivers must watch for wildlife crossing the road particularly in the early morning and at night.

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Every incident reported in your local area and at the state level offers insights into why accidents happen in West Virginia. You may start to notice that the majority of incidents involve human error. Safe drivers do not deserve to suffer at the hands of careless and reckless drivers. A lawyer has the knowledge, experience, and resources to give your case its greatest chance of not only succeeding but of achieving the best results possible. Here are six ways an attorney can assist you after an auto accident.

He or she can:. Working with a Charleston, West Virginia car accident attorney comes with many perks besides financial gains. Your lawyer can become your ally and confidant when dealing with serious injuries and legal matters. You may seek compensation for your injuries and expenses, including medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost income, property damage, and more. While the great majority of cases are successfully negotiated out of court, if the insurance company or other liable party does not offer a fair and reasonable settlement, we will not hesitate to take the case to trial.

There are no legal fees unless we win your case. The only way to be certain about whether you have a personal injury case is to talk to an experienced accident That means better results and more peace of mind for you. This is a question we hear often because of the financial burden auto accidents can cause.

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The general answer is every case is different. Having lawyers on your side like those at West Law Firm can help maximize the value of your case by quantifying how the crash is going to affect you in the future. Below are some general damages you may be entitled to:. Choosing the right lawyer can make a massive difference in whether you recover fair compensation and receive excellent legal service. Many lawyers and law firms are general practitioners and handle a garden variety of cases. At West Law Firm, we only handle accident and injury cases so that we have the skill, knowledge, and experience needed to get the best results for injured clients.

Also, because of our decades of combined experience handling personal injury claims, insurance companies know we fight hard for our clients, and that means better results for you. If you have been involved in a West Virginia car crash, there are several important steps to take to protect your health and legal rights. Under West Virginia law, you only have a limited amount of time to file a claim.

Also, critical evidence can be lost, destroyed or will fade with time. For example, skid marks often quickly fade and need to be properly photographed as soon as possible. Insurance adjusters also often try to get recorded statements from car accident victims before they have had the opportunity to speak with an attorney. This can be a real problem in obtaining a fair settlement because some auto insurance adjusters will manipulate accident victims with leading and argumentative questions, which often lead to inaccurate statements that can be later used against the car accident victim.

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Please remember that signing a release in exchange for a quick settlement check will terminate your rights to fair compensation forever, even if you need future medical care because of accident-related injuries. Not only would settling your case too early prevent you from recovering fair compensation, but it could also prevent you from being able to obtain the medical care needed to make a full recovery. Also, despite the pleasant picture car insurance companies try to paint of themselves with billions of dollars in advertising, keep in mind that insurance companies are businesses out to make a profit.

Our years of experience as West Virginia car accident lawyers have taught us that there are a few common mistakes that people often make following an auto accident.

Becoming aware of them is a good way to protect yourself. While this is a normal reaction, an insurance adjuster will attempt to use this delay in treatment to argue that you were not really injured or you would have sought immediate medical attention. A copy of the complete auto insurance policy for State agencies can be found at the following website: State Auto Policy [External Link]. Search this site. Search WVU. Automobile Insurance Coverage Liability Automobile liability insurance provides coverage for claims that result from accidents involving vehicles owned by, hired by or borrowed by WVU.

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Medical Payments Auto medical payments coverage typically found in commercial auto liability insurance policies is designed to pay the medical expenses resulting from injuries to passengers of a vehicle, regardless of fault for the injury. They can be reached at x 8. These individuals must look to private health insurance to address their medical expenses, or to the workers compensation coverage of their employer, if they are also on the job.

Auto Physical Damage A. Comprehensive Coverage for claims such as fire, theft, vandalism, deer collision, etc. If a WVU employee is involved in a motor vehicle accident with a rental vehicle or if the rental vehicle is damaged while unattended, they are to follow the guidelines provided in the Risk Management Forms: Appendix 1a What you should do if you have an auto accident — Rental Vehicle.